Animals, the (Almost) Forgotten Victims of Nuclear Energy

October 22, 2012

Last year’s tsunami in Japan triggered off the worst nuclear accident in recent history. The nuclear reactor at Fukushima was damaged by the March 11 natural disaster and people living within 20km (12.4 miles) of the power plant were forced to leave the area, which shows the extent of the danger of nuclear power. Those […]

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Make an Environmental Film in 48 Hours

January 4, 2011

If you started 2011 feeling a rush of green creativity, you can let your artistic juices flow through the 48 Go Green film challenge. Related Posts:No Related Posts Found! Go find some…

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Dispatch from Brazil: the energy issue

July 28, 2010

Brazil takes a lot of pride in the fact that 48% of its energy matrix is renewable, mostly thanks to hydropower, the source of 80% of the electricity consumed in the country, and ethanol, which has been powering vehicles in the country since the late 1970s. In Brazil, energy accounts for only 2.5% of the […]

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Teen eco heroes announced

July 13, 2010

If you think all teenagers want is to get hold of the latest gadget, think again. Action For Nature’s International Young Eco-Heroes Award for 2010 has announced the fourteen winners of this year’s edition of the award, which recognizes the green efforts of young people. Related Posts:Commercial partnership to ease switch to LEDLego takes renewable […]

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