“The Wall Street Journal Guide To Investing In The Apocalypse” Review

April 1, 2011

You either love him or you hate him- that seems to be the consensus on James Altucher, a hedge fund manager and author. Most notably, in the eco/green crowd, he is the “guy who doesn’t believe in global warming”. I don’t believe that this makes him a bad guy…I think that everyone automatically discards people […]

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Let’s drill for heat, not oil

August 6, 2010

Guest post by: Tom Rand We’ve hit the bottom of the global oil barrel. Thousands of rigs far out at sea stick giant straws through more than a mile of sea-water, and drill down for miles more to pierce our remaining pockets of oil. Those pockets may be big enough to wreck the Gulf, but […]

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Book Review: The Fate of Nature, by Charles Wohlforth

August 5, 2010

Using the history of his native Alaska and the characters and landscape the place contains, Charles Wohlforth (The Whale and the Supercomputer) offers a compelling and thought-provoking compilation of essays on the human relation with the planet’s environment and natural elements. Wolhforth urges us to make a drastic revision of the human dominion of the […]

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