Threatened Brazilian Savannah Is Subject of New WWF Campaign

May 12, 2011

As the debate on Brazil’s Forest Code rages on – and sadly it has seen protection for the country’s forests being watered down by the agribusiness lobby in congress – a new campaign to save the country’s savannah seems very timely. WWF has launched a video to raise awareness about Cerrado, a huge swath of […]

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Ford Focus Promotion: Winners Help Favorite Cause and Go to Madrid

December 28, 2010

In order to promote the new Ford Focus, Ford has created a social media promotion whereby participants can help a charity of their choice and win a trip to Madrid to take part of the Focus Global Test Drive between February 18th – 20th. Applicants need to register at Ford’s Facebook page and create a […]

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Solar Cookers For Haiti

November 24, 2010

Last week we wrote about solar cookers and their glorious simplicity. They come in handy in emergency situations, such as in places affected by wars and natural disasters. Related Posts:Saving Lives and the Environment: Solar Power For Emergency Hospitals

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The Difference Between Renewable and Sustainable

September 22, 2010

Climate change, renewable energy, green this, eco that … We are constantly flooded with information about the need to shift towards a different, planet-friendly economy in order to preserve the atmospheric condition in which life as we know it can thrive. Related Posts:Video: Argonne National Laboratory’s Director on Alternative EnergyRichard Branson on Clean EnergyRio+20 Achieves […]

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WaterAid America campaigns to help people with no access to clean water

September 15, 2010

WaterAid America and megree are currently working together to raise awareness about the impact of lack of clean water across the globe. Related Posts:Water and Wastewater Treatment Units Turn To Solar Power to Get GreenerDispatches From Ontario: Interview with Dr. Andrew BenedekBlog Action Day 2010: WaterMicrobubbles to make biofuel production more energy efficientRemember the ozone […]

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