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GM’s Volt Reaches Half A Billion Miles in California

June 21, 2014

GM has released the results of a survey about the use of its EV model Volt, which was released in late 2010. It looked at the use of Volt by more than 300 drivers in California. The main find: more than half a billion miles have been covered, mostly gasoline-free, with the Volt. Related Posts:SolarCity […]

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Toyota Test-Drives Its New i-Road in Tokyo

March 26, 2014

A few lucky Tokyo drivers are currently test-driving Toyota-s new e-vehicle i-Road, a slick new vehicle that until recently seemed to exist only in science fiction. The trial run will go on until June and will provide the company with feedback on how the vehicle, a cross between a motorcycle and a car, fares on […]

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SolarCity and Honda Team Up on Solar Financing Enterprise

February 21, 2013

Solar energy company SolarCity and automaker Honda have joined forces to increase access to solar power for their customers. The partnership establishes an investment fund to finance $65 million in solar projects to assist Honda and Acura (Honda’s luxury division) customers with the initial cost of solar power installation. Millions of Honda and Acura customers […]

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EV Charging Station Powered by the Wind

August 22, 2012

Some people say that electric vehicles are as sustainable as the energy that feeds into them. The DuraStation does just that, provides electric power to EVs using wind as the source of that power. Related Posts:GE To Buy 25,000 Electric VehiclesGE Tests High-Efficiency Wind Turbine in the NetherlandsIBM Wants to Extend Electric Vehicle Battery RangeNissan’s […]

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GM Hails More Powerful Electric Car Battery

August 10, 2012

Back in February, Envia Systems made an announcement regarding tests of its electric vehicle battery technology, and said it had achieved an energy density of 400 Watt-hours/kilogram (Wh/g) with battery technology for electric vehicles. This week, General Motors, which backs Envia, reinforced during an employee conference that Envia’s solution could power an electric car for […]

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