The Difference Between Renewable and Sustainable

September 22, 2010

Climate change, renewable energy, green this, eco that … We are constantly flooded with information about the need to shift towards a different, planet-friendly economy in order to preserve the atmospheric condition in which life as we know it can thrive. Related Posts:Video: Argonne National Laboratory’s Director on Alternative EnergyRichard Branson on Clean EnergyRio+20 Achieves […]

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Dispatch from Brazil: the energy issue

July 28, 2010

Brazil takes a lot of pride in the fact that 48% of its energy matrix is renewable, mostly thanks to hydropower, the source of 80% of the electricity consumed in the country, and ethanol, which has been powering vehicles in the country since the late 1970s. In Brazil, energy accounts for only 2.5% of the […]

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Brazilian bioethanol research gets funding boost

July 5, 2010

Two Brazilian financing institutions have entered a partnership to spur bioethanol development. The Brazilian Innovation Agency, FINEP (Research and Projects Financing), and Brazil’s National Development Bank (BNDES) have established a program that will provide up to US$ 540 million in financing to the country’s biofuels sector. Related Posts:Cellulosic ethanol: closer to becoming a reality?Interview: Celso […]

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From sludge to ethanol

October 19, 2009

Image via Wikipedia The other day I was watching a TV program about domestic wastewater treatment and I kept wondering about what happened to the sludge left behind. Well, it seems like there are companies out there doing the thinking for me. Massachusetts-based Qteros and Israeli commodities recycler Applied CleanTech (ACT) have entered a joint […]

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Interview: Celso Vainer Manzato

October 5, 2009

As a follow-up to our post about Brazil’s sugar cane zoning proposals, Energy Refuge spoke to the Chief of the Environment Unit of Brazil’s Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), Celso Vainer Manzato, about the ZAE Cana bill that could help Brazil decrease the carbon footprint of its flagship sugarcane fuel and reduce the impact that such […]

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