Wind, water and sun are the best types of renewable energy, says Stanford professor

December 22, 2008

After so many disappointments with biofuels, it comes no surprise that a new independent study has concluded that “the best ways to improve energy security, mitigate global warming and reduce the number of deaths caused by air pollution are blowing in the wind and rippling in the water, not growing on prairies or glowing inside […]

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State of Alaska fights Act that protects bears

August 13, 2008

The state of Alaska has filed a lawsuit in federal district court (District of Columbia) challenging the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s decision to list the polar bear as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act due to global warming. The Act was hailed as a breakthrough political gesture that officially acknowledged global warming […]

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Good news Monday

August 13, 2007

After the last gloomy post on plastic bags, a flurry of good news on the environmental front. Wired has written that ‘vulnerable birds are rebounding in Europe’ while in Peru conversation efforts “are reducing damage to the Amazon rain forest.” In the U.S, “black-footed ferrets are making a comeback in Wyoming”. Have a good week. […]

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