Biodiesel From Hemp Could Be a Viable Alternative

November 23, 2010

It is illegal to grow in America, but versatile, weed-like hemp shows potential as biofuel, researchers say It can be used to make textiles, building materials, paper, food etc. The versatility of hemp is well-known and now it has emerged it could be explored to make biofuels too. Researchers at the University of Connecticut in […]

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You can have your electric car and smoke it too (well, almost)

September 5, 2010

A Canadian company announced it is developing a bio-composite electric car that will make its marketing debut at Vancouver’s EV 2010 this month. Related Posts:Protesters Arrested in Vancouver at Enbridge Pipeline HearingGM Hails More Powerful Electric Car BatteryDanish Company ECOmove To Launch QBEAK Electric CarHybrid And Electric Car Sales Remain Strong in JuneInspiration: Morgan Solar, […]

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