Amazing Facts about Recycling

August 29, 2014

Recycling is supposed to be one of the most effective measures of waste management. With the alarm having sounded for different climatic changes, it is evident that every person needs to make an effort to ensure better and proper management of waste, which can only be done with recycling. There are many facts and figures […]

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Plastic Dumped in the Ocean Travels Far, New Research Reveals

January 11, 2013

For a few years now the world has been aware of the poisoning of our oceans with plastic. The image of spiral-shaped debris island in Pacific off the Californian coast, called Great Pacific Garbage Patch, is a haunting one as is the image of decomposing dead birds whose bodies have become plastic dumpsters. Related Posts:Australians […]

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Let’s Save the Oceans

April 18, 2012

Anyone who’s vaguely interested in the environment must have heard of the gradual killing of our oceans. For a long time humanity imagined the oceans to be an infinite space into which it could dump anything, with no consequence. That is not the case, of course, and over the centuries we have been gradually choking […]

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Oil Spill in Brazil Bigger Than Chevron Admits, NGO Says

November 18, 2011

Another oil spill is taking place in the world right now from an off-shore drilling operation. Related Posts:Chevron’s Oil Spill in Brazil

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