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Al Gore’s Home

June 14, 2007

Al Gore has been “greening” his house for a while now. He started by adding solar panels to his roof, and replacing his light bulbs with CFL’s. Then he started replacing the windows with energy efficient ones. He’s also replacing the duct-work and installing a rainwater collection system to help with the irrigation and hydration […]

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Something for the weekend: Steampunk Magazine

June 8, 2007

I recently came across Steampunk Magazine, an instigating, free-to-download publication that has arrived at its second issue after a much-lauded first edition, with the theme, “A Journal of Misapplied Technology”. One of the highlights of the issue is a feature about coal, the production of which is an environmental disaster (did you know that it […]

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Too much corn

May 28, 2007

Since it is Memorial Day weekend, I have gone on a trip. I drove for about 200 miles or so on rural roads. Everywhere I look, there is corn just starting to pop up. In fields where there were soybeans last year and the year before, there is corn. Every farmer has watched the price […]

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