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Dry regions face toughest climate change challenges

August 24, 2010

The city of Fortaleza in the northeast of Brazil hosted the Second International Conference on Climate, Sustainability and Development in Semi-arid Regions (ICID+18), which took place between August 16-20. Related Posts:Latin America’s Largest Rooftop Solar Power Farm UnveiledAmazon Mega Dam Controversial Saga ContinuesAnger As Amazon Mega Dam Gets Green LightAmazon Under Threat As Brazil’s Forest […]

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Renewable energy executives call for action from Congress

March 12, 2010

Representatives of various renewable energy sectors have recently called on Congress to “swiftly enact key policies to continue accelerated growth across the entire sector in order to add jobs and boost economic growth in 2010”. During a press event last week, executives stressed that if these policies are not enacted, the renewable energy sector could […]

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