Clean Water from the Eco Machine

July 12, 2012

Carbon emissions that go into the atmosphere are the pivot of environmental talks, and for a good reason, since they are the main cause of global warming (switching to alternative energy is one of the solutions to that). But there are lots of earth-level environmental issues that need to be dealt with urgently such as […]

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Water and Wastewater Treatment Units Turn To Solar Power to Get Greener

April 19, 2012

Water and wasterwater facilities in California, Arizona and Nevada will be enjoying the benefits of solar power thanks to a new partnership struck between Kennedy/Jenks. Water treatment is an energy-hungry method, therefore introducing clean, alternative energy can reduce its environmental footprint. Related Posts:Martifer Solar awarded solar project in JordanHyperSolar Reachs 1.0 Volt Milestone In Solar […]

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Dispatches From Ontario: Interview with Dr. Andrew Benedek

May 27, 2011

Dr. Andrew Benedek is something of a legend in the water technology industry, therefore it’s no wonder he was one of the stars of the Ontario Global Water Technology Summit that took place in Toronto last week (17-18 May). Related Posts:Water and Wastewater Treatment Units Turn To Solar Power to Get GreenerDispatches From Ontario: More […]

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Food scraps become electricity and new solar cell coating technology

November 9, 2009

To kick off the week, I’d like to point you to a couple of stories that have called our attention this Monday. The first is about an initiative carried out by the East Bay Municipal Utility District, which provides water and wastewater treatment in the eastern San Francisco Bay Area. The company is “turning food […]

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From sludge to ethanol

October 19, 2009

Image via Wikipedia The other day I was watching a TV program about domestic wastewater treatment and I kept wondering about what happened to the sludge left behind. Well, it seems like there are companies out there doing the thinking for me. Massachusetts-based Qteros and Israeli commodities recycler Applied CleanTech (ACT) have entered a joint […]

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