Sustainable Fuel Made Out of Air and Water

December 10, 2012

It sounds like magic but it’s actually based on sound science. A British start-up called Air Fuel Synthesis is developing a technology to make gasoline using renewable energy to capture carbon dioxide and water from the air. It then electrolyzes the water to make hydrogen and reacts the carbon dioxide and hydrogen together to make […]

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Experts in Stockholm Analyze the Water/Energy Nexus

August 31, 2012

Global leaders this week gathered in Stockholm, Sweden to discuss issues related to water usage, one of the great environmental challenges of our times. On the eve of the event, called World Water Week, the organization released the results of a research analyzing the benefits, risks and best practice in large-scale water storage. The document, […]

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Clean Water from the Eco Machine

July 12, 2012

Carbon emissions that go into the atmosphere are the pivot of environmental talks, and for a good reason, since they are the main cause of global warming (switching to alternative energy is one of the solutions to that). But there are lots of earth-level environmental issues that need to be dealt with urgently such as […]

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The Water/Energy Nexus: Israel Wants to Lead the Way

August 10, 2011

An upcoming event in Israel, called WATEC Israel 2011, which will take place between 15 and 17 November, will be focusing on the water and energy nexus, which is gaining popularity amongst environmentalists and industry leaders. (See our coverage of the Ontario Global Water Summit to read about it). Energy production depends on water, and […]

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Competition Seeks Best Ideas in Water Conservation Around the World

June 22, 2011

Water is one of the big environmental themes and it’s becoming increasingly important in discussions as the issue of scarcity poses a serious threat to sustainability in the 21st century. With this issue in mind, an organization called travel2change has launched a worldwide innovation contest to identify and fund the most creative ideas or proposals […]

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