Charity brings solar power to island community

by Antonio Pasolini on June 21, 2010

Solar panel installation in Chole. Source: SolarAid

SolarAid, an NGO that works to promote solar power for the world’s poor, recently announced that the charity’s Tanzania chapter completed an installation of solar power for the whole of Chole Island, bringing renewable power to over 1,000 inhabitants.

The Tanzania team worked with Coastal Air airline to get the solar panels and equipment over to Chole, a small island off the larger island of Mafia, which sits just off the coast of Tanzania.

Chole Island has no national grid power, and is unlikely to ever have access to it. The SolarAid team worked with local contractors to install solar lighting systems in a health center, community center and a secondary school on the island.
SolarAid Tanzania also worked closely with their contractors to train local people on Chole in how to maintain and monitor their systems, to ensure they work to their maximum potential and are ultimately more sustainable.

As part of the Chole Island project, SolarAid has recruited a local SunnyMoney representative, Farihani Shomari, who also works as a handyman in a hotel on the island. He has already sold 37 products in just two months. Farahani has also installed a few larger solar systems with SolarAid.

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