Cheaper solar power for Californians

by Antonio Pasolini on June 29, 2009

A 1.2-kilowatt solar system for less than $5,000 by Renewable Power Solutions, a provider of solar energy installation services for Bay Area residential, commercial, non-profit and governmental buildings, was made available today after California state announced rebate incentives, tax credits and first-year energy savings.

The “Little Giant” solar system can power average household appliances like an energy-efficient refrigerator, a small air conditioner unit, a dishwasher or 64 compact florescent light bulbs. The company estimates that the investment returns $55,000 over 25 years.

California-based incentives are at step 5 of the Go Solar California initiative, and current rebates are at $1.55 per watt. The Energy Commission provides incentives for energy-efficient new home construction under the New Solar Homes Partnership and for existing homes under Go Solar California.

But it’s not only California that’s handing out incentives for households to adopt renewable power. Reuters reports that “China distributed 2 billion yuan ($293 million) in subsidies for power generated by renewable energy sources in the second half of 2008, a notice on the State Electricity Regulatory Commission website said.”

Still according to the report, the second largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world (the first being the United States) is devising “a plan to stimulate its renewable energy sector, including wind and solar power”.

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