Clean coal propaganda sounds like dirty business

by Antonio Pasolini on May 14, 2009

(Via and Be careful with what you read these days. Solve Climate has written denouncing The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE), which Solve Climate says “has been running an online advertisement at the Washington Post, The Hill and other web sites which makes the following claim: 72% of opinion leaders support coal electricity”.

Solve Climate says the figure presented is a sham. The poll used to back the claim included “600 opinion elites nationwide. Elites are defined as adults with $80,000 or more in household income and a four-year college degree or more and a professional or managerial job title or a business owner and a high degree of involvement in politics and policy matters”.

“It is not possible to generalize the results of a survey from a tiny selected minority out to the entire population at large. It would be like polling just my immediate family about our car buying habits and then trying to apply that to my entire community,” says Solve Climate. “Statistics cannot be used to extrapolate the poll data to the rest of a target population, and so the 72% claim only applies to the 600 individuals polled. Which means that the ACCCE either thinks there are only 600 “opinion elites” in the U.S. or it’s misusing the polls results.”

To read the full analysis of the poll, go here. To get a better insight into so-called ‘clean coal’ go here.

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