DEELAT Solar Powered Motion Light Review

by Tom Z. on August 5, 2017

This review is of the DEELAT solar powered motion light which we had the pleasure of testing recently. This light is useful for home use as a security system to alert a homeowner to motion nearby and is also ideal for pathways, parking lots, and campuses. The product was packaged well and was protected against any bumps in transit from DEELAT. At first glance, the light looked sleek and well designed. After watching it in action and looking at it everyday…it is definitely very well manufactured and looks great in a home setting.









This light contains a motion sensor and an LED light array. The lights provide a constant light of 70 lumens once activated by a certain level of darkness. Just after sunset the light came on automatically and provided a nice, soft light that remains on until sunrise. The security portion of the light activates when someone/something passes within 2 meters of the sensor. For this reason, the light is best mounted at a height of 2.5 – 3.5 meters high. When activated, the light provides 700 lumens for 30 seconds before returning to it’s normal 70 lumen setting.

We were impressed with the accuracy of both the night and PIR motion sensor. The light never failed to activate when objects of various sizes passed within 2 meters of the light. The 30 second, 700 lumen setting seems to be a good amount of time to indicate the presence of activity in the area and provides enough light to be a good deterrent for security purposes.

Set up was extremely simple. Using a pin that is provided with the light, a button is pressed on the device to activate it. Next, the light was placed in direct sunlight to charge. It received about 8 hours of sunlight before it was mounted to an outside pergola where we could observe it closely and test it.

Using the provided screws, the light was mounted to the side of the pergola. Installation was easy and the light was mounted level in only 2 minutes. The location receives several hours of sunlight a day which allowed the light to re-charge even with heavy use. According to DEELAT, 7-8 hours of sunlight provide 3 nights worth of use. This means that the light could be expected to perform well even outside the summer months.

After testing for several days, we found that the light performed very well in charging, activating and illuminating. The design of the light is conducive to any home, business or public use. I can finally say that this solar powered motion light from DEELAT is a very well made and stylish unit that exceeded our expectations.

I am sure that most homeowners have been let down by lights that were cheaply made and performed horribly. This light makes us confident that solar technology is at a place where it is truly worth investing in for multiple home, business or public uses. You can find this and other solar outdoor lights by Deelat Industrial on their website.

Check out the light in action here:

What are our future plans for this particular solar powered motion light? Our next project will be to mount it to a chicken coop that we are constructing so that we can deter predators. We’re confident that this light will be worthy of the task.

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