Dispatches From Ontario: Interview with Dr. Andrew Benedek

by Antonio Pasolini on May 27, 2011

Dr. Andrew Benedek

Dr. Andrew Benedek is something of a legend in the water technology industry, therefore it’s no wonder he was one of the stars of the Ontario Global Water Technology Summit that took place in Toronto last week (17-18 May).

His curriculum is impressive. A PhD in wastewater treatment from the University of Washington, a professorship at McNaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, where he taught and conducted research on water quality improvement; founder of ZENON Environmental Inc., a company whose purpose is to develop membrane technologies for recycling wastewater; managing director of UTS Biogas Technik GMBH, a German enterprise dedicated to generating biogas from waste.

Another item was added to his CV during the event in Toronto. Anaergia, a company that develops and produces technology to convert organic waste and wastewater into clean energy, and for which Dr. Benedek serves as chairman and CEO, announced it had made Ontario its global headquarters as the summit took place.

It was in the middle of this flurry of activity that we managed to sit down with Dr. Benedek for a chat about wasterwater and how it can be converted into a resource for the generation of alternative energy. The result is condensed into the video below.

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