Drive Thru’s: Saving time and energy

by free electron on May 30, 2008

I have to admit that I do have a fast food habit. In the mornings when I am running to work and do not feel like organic oatmeal, I go to McDonald’s.

The last two times I went, I did an experiment.

I did not go through the drive thru.

I stopped the car and went in.

My results?

Getting out of my car was faster.

It all started when there was a long line with a bright yellow bug at the end with some kind of cute vanity plate like “Punch.” Even without my morning coffee, I knew I would remember that car. So I parked and got out of my car.

There was no line inside. I did not have to wait for my food and I was back in my non-running, non-gas consuming car in a few minutes. “Punch” hadn’t even paid for her food yet. I could still see the car in line.

The next time I went there (and I am happy to say that a week went by), the drive thru line was shorter. But there was a landscaping truck at the end of the line and I knew I could remember that vehicle too, so I parked.

There was a line inside. Service was terrible. I had to wait and I did not even get a napkin in my to-go bag. I walked to my car, got in and started it up when that landscaping truck went by and I pulled out right after it. A tie. But I had my engine off.

Yes, five minutes is not that long to have my engine not drinking up gas. But my gas mileage is better on average because of it.
And if the millions of people who went to McDonald’s or any of the others parked their cars and went in. How much cleaner would the air be and how much less fuel would be burned?

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