Five Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

by Antonio Pasolini on April 22, 2014

earth dayEarth Day is upon us, the day when we take stock of our relationship to the planet. Recent news have not been very encouraging as the levels of GHG in the atmosphere has reached record levels. Still, we must not lose focus because this is the only Earth we have and everyday is Earth Day. Here are some ideas on how to make Earth Day a daily fact in your life.

a) Consume less – with finite resources, curbing our consumption is the golden rule to lessen our impact on the planet. Buy what is necessary and of high quality, even if it costs more. Buy second hand whenever possible.
b) Act locally – Sometimes it is easier to think about the carbon in the atmosphere and forget about our immediate environs. The Earth is what you are stepping on. In every community there are ecological issues that need to be dealt with and it’s up to local people to deal with them
c) Recycle – Recycling is a mantra that we need to repeat every day. Re-cycle, re-use, re-purpose things.
d) Save water – Water resources are dwindling and we need to decrease our consumption of it. Turn off the shower while you soap, turn off the tap while you brush your teeth, say goodbye to sprinklers and hoses. Consider a rainwater collector if you live in a house.
e) Go vegan – Animal agriculture is the biggest source of GHG emissions, besides polluting waterways, causing deforestation, conflicts with wildlife and driving soil erosion. A vegan diet is healthier, too, not to mention more ethical. The web is chock a-block with recipes and advice on how to go vegan.

Happy Earth Day 2014!

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