Earth Day completes 40 years

by Antonio Pasolini on April 22, 2010

Earth Week 1970 logo

Since April 22nd 1970, people across nearly two hundred countries across the world celebrate Earth Day by engaging in activities to promote environmental awareness, The Earth Day Network, which manages the event, comprises 20,000 partners and organizations in 190 countries. The organization says one billion participate in Earth Day Activies, “making it the largest secular civic event in the world”.

It was U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson who originated the idea for Earth Day. He devised it as an environmental teach-in and the first one was held on this day in 1970. Some communities dedicated a whole week to environmental education around this time and they call it Earth Week.

At Energy Refuge we believe that renewable energy plays a crucial role in achieving an environmentally sustainable way of living. We write about solar power, wind power, geothermal, ethanol and lifestyle changes we can all adopt to mitigate our carbon footprint. So we invite our readers today to use this day to have a think about the changes they can incorporate in their lives. Quite often, it’s easier than we think and within our reach; it’s just a matter of planning and getting the right information.

Our homes are a good place to start looking for ways to consume energy in a more environmentally-correct way. If you need to replace a domestic appliance any time soon, make sure it is certified by standards such as EnergyGuide. Next time you need to replace light bulbs, choose an energy-efficient option. You can also investigate ways to make your heating and cooling systems smarter. If your home is about to get a major refurbishment, consider getting power from solar or wind sources.

Other environmentally-friendly actions you can take: landscape your home according to the local weather. Share your car with your family and try to walk and cycle as much as possible (that will produce heath benefits as well). Eat your veggies: a plant-based diet is a lot lighter on the environment and it helps prevent heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer. Recycle.

Happy Earth Day.

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