From Reusable Bags to Solar Power: A Look at How We’ve Gone More Green in the Last 20 Years

by Tom Z. on August 1, 2017

As technology continues to force humanity to adapt in new and exciting ways, many people remain skeptical of its influence. Virtually nothing has remained unchanged due to its influence, a proposition that is very terrifying to some. However, it’s also important to remember just how effective technology has been at improving quality of life for countless people around the world. In the area of green energy and technology, there have been a plethora of revolutionary developments. Over the past 20 years, we’ve seen a surge in green progress: let’s take a look at some of these advancements and see how they’ve shaped our world.

Shopping Revolutions

The ability for humans to shop with a more green-focused mindset is undoubtedly one of the biggest transformations in the world over the past two decades. Efficiency improvements in plastic productions have led to plastic bags that pollute the environment less. At the same time, more and more recyclable products are being used to create custom bags that are reusable for those eco-friendly shoppers. The internet is also a huge player in this field, giving people the ability to order products that are delivered through more efficient forms of transportation that emit less carbon and use less fuel than individual trips to the store.

Energy Revolutions

The past 20 years has seen a rapid advancement of clean and renewable energy for both businesses and homeowners. Solar power, for instance, costs a fraction of what it did 20 years ago; in some markets, it is cheaper to make the switch to a solar installation than to remain on the grid. Further improvements in traditional energy production have led to fewer resources and pollutants being needed/produced in order to light, heat and cool homes. Sustained investments in making homes more energy efficient have led to a reduction in the loss of energy within the home, further reducing the amount of energy needed.

Global Revolutions

A general consensus has emerged globally over the past 20 years that issues such as pollution and climate change must be tackled as one planet. Through a variety of agreements such as the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Accords, countries all around the world are moving to reduce the amount of pollutants and wasted energy they create. Pollution controls have been implemented and enforced, allowing once-polluted areas to return to their former glory. As information continues to flow more freely thanks to the internet, more and more people are becoming aware of the consequences of their actions with respect to the environment. Ultimately, a more interconnected world is producing a greener world where people are more invested in a positive outcome.

The technological advances and breakthroughs of the last 20 years have helped move the planet toward a greener future – arguably by more than the previous 100 years. With rapid advancements in technology that complement both bottom lines and greener outcomes, the world is finally beginning to embrace the need for environmental change. As such revolutions continue, expect to see more progress on this front and a whole new series of advancements in the coming years.

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