Germans predict solar energy market expansion

by Antonio Pasolini on November 28, 2009

Carsten Körnig, BSW-Solars managing director

Carsten Körnig, BSW-Solar's managing director

The German solar industry interest group BSW-Solar predicts that “demand for solar power systems will grow this year in Germany and in several important foreign markets, despite the financial and economic crisis”. The organization’s latest business climate index noticed a recovery in business in the second semester after a weak first half of the year and it anticipates a further rise in demand in 2010, when the photovoltaics industry will return to its growth curve worldwide.

German photovoltaics manufacturers increased their production by approximately 65 percent over the last year. Their turnover grew from six to ten billion euros, with half of this amount coming from business abroad. 150,000 new solar power systems were installed in Germany, with a peak capacity of 1.5 gigawatts. While the crisis did affect some larger projects in 2009, the domestic market remained unaffected, as homeowners and farmers continued keen to invest, thanks to a 20% price drop.

The index also notices that most foreign solar markets are growing. BSW-Solar is expecting a sales growth of 20-30 percent in Italy, and at least 40 percent in the USA. In France and China, the local solar associations are predicting that the market for photovoltaics will at least double in the course of a year. It is only in Spain that the market is likely to shrink significantly, as a result of a reduction in local support programs.

“Due to the market decline in Spain and the financial crisis, international business remained below expectations in the last few months and darkened many a company report. Despite the economic slowdown, we are nevertheless expecting growing demand in Germany in 2009. There are currently many new sales markets developing worldwide. By 2010 at the latest, our sector will therefore return to its worldwide growth path. In particular, we are expecting an all-out solar boom in the USA and China. The expansion of solar energy continues and Germany’s solar industry will benefit from this”, says Carsten Körnig, BSW-Solar’s managing director.

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