Have a Green Father’s Day

by Antonio Pasolini on June 19, 2011

Via The Badge Centre

Happy Father’s Day!

Why not make it a green day?

Perhaps you could go for a walk or a cycle ride with your dad?
Get a vegetarian meal instead of a meat-based dish?
Do some gardening work and plant your own vegetables?

If you feel like spending some money on your father, here’s a last minute idea. The Natural Resourses Defense Council has a Green Gifts section with several options, which range from sponsoring rainforest projects to wildlife protection. There’s even one option dedicated to green driving legislation.

Now, if you want to educate your father about how bad gasoline is for the environment and human/non-human health, this beautifully put-together video by the Center for Investigative Journalism will give him some food for thought and it may persuade him to switch to alternative energy for good.

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