Headache-Free Device Makes Fresh Water with Solar Power

by Antonio Pasolini on September 18, 2012

Photo: Gabriele Diamantieli

An Italian designer has created an ingenious solution to the fresh water problem that many people in the developing world face. It’s called Eliodomestico, a ceramic solar still designed by Gabriele Diamanti as a way to produce fresh water with a product that could be made locally. For his ingenious, open-source design, Gabriele received a special mention at the Well-Tech Award 2012 and won the Core77 Design Awards 2012 in the social impact category.

The simple design is the true winner here. It consists of two ceramic parts stacked together. Inside the top piece is a black container where the salt water goes. The sun heats the container and turns the water to steam. Pressure starts to build and the steam is forced down a tube into a container in the other, lower part. Therein the steam will condense against the lid and the basin of the container will collect it.

The system can collect just over a gallon of fresh water per day and it costs US$50 to manufacture. Since it requires no electricity – only free, clean solar power – it is free to run. As many people in the developing world tend to carry water containers in their head, the bottom basin was designed to fit around a person’s head comfortably.

(Via Gizmag)

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