It’s getting warm. Time to switch your fans

by free electron on April 26, 2008

Now that it is finally getting warmer, it is time to switch the way your ceiling fans spin.

I can’t imagine that ALL fans are the same, but mine needs to go counter clockwise for it to pull cool air down.

It is easy to tell. Turn on your fan and if it feels cooler underneath with the fan going, it is going the right way for the summer. If you can’t feel any cool air, turn off the fan and reach up and toggle the switch on the side of its body, then test it again. Keep it the way that keeps you cooler.

This may mean you will be able to keep your house a degree warmer for the same comfort.

Other things I am going to do to keep the air conditioning up as high as possible is to change into light clothing especially in my apartment. If I need a sweater or long pants in the summer, my air conditioning is set too low. And I take all of the heavy blankets off of my bed. Why should I cool the whole house and then cover myself with blankets?

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