Lego takes renewable energy to kids

by Antonio Pasolini on May 22, 2010

Source: Lego

It’s not out yet but it’s bound to sell like hot cakes. Lego’s Renewable Energy Set Add-On has all the cuteness of Lego toys plus an educational message to go with it.

Lego says on its website that the product is an addition to the Simple & Motorized Mechanisms Set. The idea is to let students “explore renewable energy sources; investigate energy supply, transfer, accumulation, conversion, and consumption; and use measurements and data analysis to describe and explain outcomes through hands-on activities and exciting, real-life models.” Sounds very sophisticated for a toy, indeed!

In the face of the environmental disaster caused by Gulf oil spill, it is very important to educate future generations about the benefits of renewable energy. It that can be accomplished in a fun way, even better.

Lego’s Renewable Energy Set Add-On is due out in the Fall 2010. (Via

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