March 29th Turn Off Your Lights 8 pm

by free electron on March 29, 2008

The World Wildlife Fund is sponsoring a Turn Off Your Lights event on March 29th at 8 pm everyone’s local time.

It is primarily to keep awareness on the energy we all use. And they even have some ideas on things we can do with the lights off.

I think this is a great idea for the simple reason that there is something to be said to go simple for even a short time.

I remember summer evenings at my grandmother’s: listening to baseball games on the front porch. The games would start at dusk, and that was enough light. By the third inning, it was dark except for two street lights on her block. Our eyes had adjusted and the darkness did not attract mosquitoes. We could hear the radio and each other. That was enough. That was simpler.

And some nights, when there was no game on, we would just sit on the glider on the front porch. That was simple enjoyment.

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