MIT offers course on solar power

by Antonio Pasolini on April 19, 2010

In order to meet the growing demand for solar power, MIT Professional Education is offering a course on solar power. The course, called Solar Energy: Capturing the Sun, will focus on core concepts related to solar power, the latest developments in the field and industry applications.

The objectives of the course are to help students to examine global energy calculation, assess global climate models and what they mean, investigate the way nature performs biological energy conversion, examine solar capture and conversion and describe energy storage.

MIT says the course is designed for most people, from professionals, educators to anyone “concerned about the planet’s future”. It adds a college background in science will be sufficient to follow the course.

“Sunlight is by far the most abundant global carbon-neutral energy resource. Solar has the significant advantages of wide distribution, it is the most environmentally sound energy source and has the potential to meet the large scale energy needs of the future … But there is no escape that the development of this energy source faces tremendous challenges and substantial breakthroughs are needed”, course organizers say.

The course will take place between August 2 and 6, 2010. It is recommended that those interested in attending should apply six to eight weeks before the start date. To find out more about the course, please go here.

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