Moving Planet Invites the World to Take Climate Action

by Antonio Pasolini on September 21, 2011

This coming Saturday (24) people all over the world will be expressing their concern with climate change by engaging in all sorts of different activities such as marching, biking and skating, or anything else that gets them moving.

The organizers say one of Moving Planet‘s main goal, as this day of action has been called, is to “demand government action, especially in places where governments are stalling on climate action despite the overwhelming urgency of the science.”

The focus of the day is firmly set on fossil fuels because it is an issue that permeates all other environmental issues. “It’s polluting our oceans, our land, our communities, our air, and our children’s lungs” the organizers say.

We need to get off fossil fuels now to get below 350ppm, the safe upper limit for atmospheric CO2 , according to NASA scientist Jim Hansen.

Inspiration for Moving Plane came from democracy movements in Egypt and other places this year. The organizers added that the great thing about this type of initiative is that it gets new people involved and creates a feeling of global solidarity and momentum. It’s ‘social media meets the real world’ for the sake of the planet.

Anyone can start an event and register it here. It may be a great way to spend the day with friends and family cycling around and spreading the message for alternative energy.

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