Nissan Aims for “Greener” Pastures

by tj on June 30, 2008

Automaker Nissan has announced word of its forthcoming Green Program with the byline: A symbiosis of people, vehicles and nature. By model year 2010, Nissan hopes to sprinkle a few new environmentally friendly additions to its model line in the form of a 3-liter automobile which would consume only 3 liters of gasoline per every 100 km traveled (equivalent to a very impressive 78.3 miles per gallon), a proprietary designed hybrid, and a full EV (electric vehicle).

Some industry experts look at the idea of the EV as a legitimate alternative to oil dependency as improvements in lithium battery technology for plug-in hybrids reaches new heights.

Interestingly enough the Israeli government is largely responsible for Nissan’s enthusiasm in supporting what they call Project Better Place. Founded by entrepreneur Shai Agassi, the plan would put some 500,000 car charging stations throughout the country (some strictly for plug in recharging, others for full battery pack swaps) by 2011. Renault/ Nissan would responsible for providing the vehicles for this ambitious endeavor.

While it is yet too early to assess the results of such a radical proposal, one thing for sure is that charging stations would be every bit as important as the cars themselves if the technology were to succeed. Hopefully the US benefits by observing Israel’s forward thinking.

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