Nuclear power

by Antonio Pasolini on December 26, 2007

You can always rely on Bob Geldof, him of Live Aid fame, to say something really stupid. His latest foot-in-the-mouth ‘wisdom pearl’ appeared on a Lexus-sponsored blog about hybrid cars in which Geldof advocates the use of nuclear power. He must have become chummy with the people from the nuclear lobby in the UK, which is very strong.

While nuclear power may be carbon neutral at the point of generation, the extraction of uranium is not. Besides the reserves of uranium will not last much longer than a few decades so it’s only a temporary solution. To make matters worse, there is the tricky issue of disposal. So folks, just forget it, nuclear power is not an option and it’s a shame that Geldof, whose public image is of a humanitarian, comes forward to endorse this type of energy. But then, he’s not well-known for being profound and while you may get European frustrated-rocker politicians drooling over him, anyone with some discerning ability can see through the inconsistencies in Geldof’s public persona.

On a different note: those of you thinking about going shopping after the Christmas holiday, beware of these shops, which are selling real fur although they claim they don’t.

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