Obama wants a greener White House

by Antonio Pasolini on November 28, 2008

According to Ecorazzi, president-elect Barack Obama spoke on TV about his plans to green up the White House. Part of the plan is to evaluate its energy efficiency and set an example to the American people by doing so. That’s the way to go. Change has to be inspired from the top and considering Obama’s prestige at present, he’s potential to inspire people is immense.

Speaking of the people, the streets of London will be swarmed by protesters on Saturday, 06 December, demanding firmer action on climate change. Called National Climate March, it is being organized by the Campaign Against Climate Change, whose objective is to “bring people together to push for the urgent and resolute action we need to prevent the catastrophic destabilization of global climate”. I will be joining the march in Central London and will publish a report on the experience, so watch this space.

Have a great weekend!

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