Researchers Highlight Agave Potential as Biofuel Feedstock

by Antonio Pasolini on March 25, 2011

Via Biofuel Daily

It is better known to many people as a healthy replacement for sugar in syrup form and the primate matter for tequila, but it recently emerged that algave could be a promising biofuel feedstock.

The news was broken in an article published by Global Change Biology Bioenergy, based on research carried out by E. Garcia-Moya, professor of Botany at the Colegio de Postgraduados en Ciencias Agricolas in Texcoco, Mexico.

So, what’s good about agave as biofuel source?

• It grows successfully under hot, dry conditions;
• It would continue to thrive under increased temperatures and variable precipitation accompanying global climate change;
• Elevated levels of atmospheric CO2 would increase productivity;
• It has comparable productivity to high productivity crops such as corn;
• It does not compete for land with the production of commodities and it is widely distributed in Mexico.

“Waste remaining in the fields after harvest, and created during tequila and mescal production, can potentially provide thousands of tons of bioenergy feedstock per year for bioenergy production”, Garcia-Moya said.

Via Biofuel Daily

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