Rupert Murdoch, WSJ and Alternative Energy

by free electron on August 3, 2007

I am a little worried about Murdoch’s purchase of the WSJ. And it is not about his political slant on the editorial page. I am worried that the quality of the news and the topics covered will change.

It seems that every day, there is at least one alternative energy story somewhere in the Wall Street Journal. In the August 1 edition, there are two important stories on Alternative Energy: Electric car drag racing on the first page and where investors are going with their money on the front of the Personal Journal. The August 2 edition had a long article on Energy Star appliances and whether they are worth it or not.

I do not agree with the WSJ’s editorial page, but I do agree with them that energy news and alternative energy news in particular is important for investors. There will be a lot of money made and lost in alternative energy technologies. Each and every day, a new promise is made by some scientist somewhere. But until that promise has some kind of validity, it will not be in the Wall Street Journal. Not in this WSJ at least. I have no idea what the new WSJ will provide, but I hope it continues to provide nuts and bolts details about alternative energy.

And now to one of the WSJ articles: Electric Car Drag Racing: It is great news that electric cars are competing and winning at drag races across the country. Technology that is created for going faster quicker can also be used to go longer. I like to think of all car racing as a place where new automotive technology is tried out. NASA for the road, if you will. And it means that electric cars will have the same pedigree of backyard mechanics as airplanes and gas-powered vehicles, I think that is just fine. Those crazy contraptions eventually worked too.

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