Search Engine Giant Thinks Green

by tj on July 24, 2008

Remember a few years ago when all you heard about were “dot com millionaires”- You know, those broke college students and computer hackers who sold stock on companies that existed only in cyber space? Well most of those companies went belly up about two weeks later but some enjoyed lasting success. Perhaps you’ve heard of a little search engine called Google for example?

It turns out the boys and girls at have more than just search results on their corporate brains as indicated by their recent investment in start-up company ActaCell. Yes the big G dumped an impressive $2.75 million into the Austin, Texas electric car/ battery manufacturer for continued development of a long-lasting lithium ion battery for hybrid automotive use.

Don’t mistake this for a publicity stunt, however, as Google has been proudly offering its RechargeIT initiative that aims to reduce CO2 emissions, cut oil use and stabilize the electrical grid by encouraging the adoption of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles for its employees.

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