Solar Power Goes Around the World

by Antonio Pasolini on January 25, 2012

Planet Solar’s Turanor, the world’s largest solar-powered boat, is nearly finished with its mission to complete its loop around the Earth.

The adventure started in 2010 and the vessel has travelled on solar power all the way, although backup diesel generators were required for insurance purposes. But they have never been used, said Atissun.

The Swiss ship was sponsored by watchmaker Candino and features 700 solar panels that have been generating more than enough power to set the vessel in motion.

Turanor is not exactly a research project on how to power boats with solar energy, but rather a marketing coup for the solar power industry. It should be docking in Monaco, France in three months’ time.

All in all, it’s been plain sailing for the crew, who stopped at international ports such as Miami and Hong Kong, as well as more exotic locations such as Galapagos, where bird droppings were an issue for a while, but it only took some cleaning to wipe the problem away.

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