Solar Power Industry Adds Its Voice to COP16

by Antonio Pasolini on November 26, 2010

Via Solarcop16

The United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP16) starts on Monday in Cancun in Mexico (and runs until December 10) and the world waits in anticipation the results of the negotiations which will have a decisive impact on the climate future of the planet.

The solar industry wants to be part of the discussion as well as the solution. A solar coalition of more than 40 solar and renewable energy organizations will be present at the event to “demonstrate the immediate potential of the accelerated deployment of solar energy in reducing harmful pollution, combating climate change and creating jobs and economic impact.”

“The Sun offers us today a unique way of generating electricity on a global scale, making it possible to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions with the added benefit of being socially responsible, generating jobs and supporting sustainable development locally,” said Adel El Gammal, Secretary General of the European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA).

“Government representatives in Cancun should advocate for a clear shift away from conventional fuels to solar energy. This will allow developing nations to leapfrog past conventional energy dependency to a clean and unlimited source that can also easily reach under-served populations in rural areas”, he added.

The coalition will release in Cancun the 2010 edition of a report called “Seizing the Solar Solution: Combating Climate Change through accelerated deployment”. The report shows that combined world targets for solar electric capacity will reach 700 gigawatts by 2020 and solar thermal capacity will reach 280 gigawatts (GWth, thermal equivalent) by 2020.

An online solar petition has been launched as well and will be sent to key policy makers in the wake of COP16. The recipients of the petition will also receive a Solar Dancing Flower “to remind them of the power of the sun”. Funds generated from the production of the solar flowers will be donated to Solar Solidarity, an NGO active in the promotion of projects for the developing world using renewable technology, with emphasis on solar.

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