Solar power

by Antonio Pasolini on October 1, 2007

CNN’s Ecolosolutions section has a regular column called Question of the Week and today’s question is about solar power. The proposition is:

The first forays in solar technology began in the 19th century, yet today solar power remains on the fringes of society in terms of how much it serves our energy needs.

Solar power is said to be the one of the cleanest and most efficient energy sources there is, yet we use so little of it.

According to the International Energy Agency, solar power’s contribution to the global energy supply is only 0.039 percent.

Question: Why do you think solar power makes up such a small percentage of our energy use?

To answer the question, click here.

So if you have knowledge of solar power, make your contribution to spread the word about this supreme energy source and answer that question. For further information, I would suggest the Solar America Initiative and a report on Solar Power 2007.

Now, if you know a lot about solar power, the 7th International Conference Solar Energy in Architecture and Urban Planning “Sun and Senseā€œ, which will take place in Berlin, Germany in March 2008 is calling for papers.

To end this blog on a really sunny note, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Helen Clarke, has announced that the country intends to commit to 90% renewable electricity by 2025. What’s more, 70% of their electricity is already renewable. Congratulations from Energy Refuge to New Zealand!

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