Spain gets bigger on solar power

by Antonio Pasolini on March 29, 2010

Source: Assyce

A 26 MWp solar free-field power plant is being built in Extremadura, Spain, by Assyce Fotovoltaica, a Spanish system integrator company. The power plant with a land area of 69 hectares should be completed by the end of the year and will generate more than 42 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. The plant’s output could save 30 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year and energize more than 14,000 four-person households for a whole year, the company says.

“The area offers very good conditions for photovoltaics,” explains Luis Garrido, managing director of Assyce Fotovoltaica. The company is based in Padul (Granada region) and has already constructed more than 12 solar power plants across Spain over the last few years.

“Due to the high level of solar radiation in the south of Spain, we can expect a very good yield of electricity.” The electricity yield will also benefit from the implementation of a new transformer technology. “In contrast to traditional power plants, electricity loss is considerably reduced,” says Garrido.

Assyce is also implementing in this project the inverter system technology from market-leader SMA Technology AG, based in Kassel, Germany. 36 transformer stations will be built up on the 69-hectare site. With more than 337,000 modules capturing solar radiation, Assyce Fotovoltaica is employing First Solar’s thin film technology, which has already been successfully used in other solar power plants and has been crucial in the implementation of this project. “The modules are very effective and durable and they are perfect for use in hot climate regions,” explains Garrido.

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