Stable Policies, Please, Says Wind Power Industry

by Antonio Pasolini on May 26, 2011

Via Wind Turbines

The WINDPOWER 2011 Conference & Exhibition, which kicked off on Monday in Anaheim, California, and folded yesterday, started with the presence of CNN founder Ted Turner, known for his advocacy of renewable energy.

Turner took part of the opening session, which included a Q&A session with the CEO of the American Wind Energy Association, Denise Bode, who arrived on stage on a custom motorcycle inspired by wind power.

“I’ve never seen anything more clear as the case for wind, solar, and geothermal,” the media tycoon said, adding that to him embracing alternative energy is even more of an obvious decision today than launching CNN in 1980.

He also underlined the need for stable policy incentives to make the wind power industry grow. “They must be long-term incentives so we can plan intelligently,” he said.

In fact, the issue of stable policy was the main recurring topic being drummed out at the event. The industry argues that creating a predictable business environment is the key to continued growth of American wind power. It highlighted that the most immediate action is to extend what it calls the “frustratingly short-term” federal Production Tax Credit (PTC), and not wait until it expires in 2012.

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