Book Review: The Fate of Nature, by Charles Wohlforth

August 5, 2010

Using the history of his native Alaska and the characters and landscape the place contains, Charles Wohlforth (The Whale and the Supercomputer) offers a compelling and thought-provoking compilation of essays on the human relation with the planet’s environment and natural elements. Wolhforth urges us to make a drastic revision of the human dominion of the […]

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Gulf oil spill: a tragedy and reminder of the environmental threat posed by fossil fuel

May 3, 2010

“terribly upset about the oil spill today i wish i was a scientist. wondering if can all push something alternative through, soon please.” Comedienne Sandra Bernhardt on her Twitter (April 30, 2010) And who isn’t terribly upset about this? Watching nature and wildlife being devastated by oil is not something that anyone wants to see. […]

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