Top 5 Common Solar Energy Misconceptions

by Tom Z. on August 26, 2015

top 5 solar energy misconceptions

Energy can be a tricky subject – it can generate plenty of heated discussions, with facts often getting jumbled with gossip and misunderstandings. Although going solar is continuing to increase in popularity, a few misconceptions surrounding this ‘new age’ energy source are still continuing to bubble under the surface. Below are five of the most common myths when it comes to installing solar energy in your home.

1. Too pricey

The most common misconception with solar energy is that it’s un-affordable. This may have been true when they first became available for residential purposes, but it’s not the case anymore. Solar companies such as Absolute Energy Solutions are popping up all over the place making this environmentally friendly source of energy more affordable than ever. In addition to this you’ll find savings in your electricity and hot water bills, and possibly be entitled to a number of State-funded incentives.

2. You need to live in a warm area

The other big misconception is that you need hot weather. However, just because you’ve gone solar doesn’t mean you’ll be living back in the 1800s heating water over an open flame every time it’s not hot enough to get a tan. Solar panels actually work by absorbing sunlight, not heat—and the sun still comes out in winter in majority of countries. So whether you live in shorts all year round or have to put a jacket on to go outside, your solar panels will be doing their job.

3. Low-tech

Who would have thought that a product that is going to lead us into the future could actually be considered lacking when it comes to scientific advancement? The source of this misconception most likely comes from the fact that, compared to other technology, solar has evolved very little over the decades and is even considered a mature technology. However, solar has been used for space explorations and cellular networks, so it must be doing something right!

4. You snooze, you lose

Another myth is that you need to consume solar energy as it’s generated. What many people don’t realize is that solar power can actually be stored—you’re not going to lose it. The most economical way to do this is via the local energy grid using net metering. How this works is that utility companies will feed your excess electricity generated by solar during the day—and there is usually plenty—back into the grid. This company will then credit you for your electricity usage at night.

5. Not pretty

Contrary to popular belief, solar panels will not de-value your home. Homebuyers rate a home’s energy consumption very highly when it comes to house hunting, and properties with solar energy are now selling remarkably well compared to traditionally powered homes. Also, don’t be deterred by the idea of covering your roof with bulky panels, the products available today are more seamless, with many able to be combined with slate or asphalt roofing.

As you can see, there is still a variety of concern and misunderstanding that comes with the word ‘solar’—and these five are only a few. However, solar energy is at least worth your time in research so you are well-equipped to decide for yourself.

What are some other myths you’ve heard about solar? Leave your answers below.

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