Energy Refuge Shortlisted for UNEP’s WED2013 Blogging Competition

by Antonio Pasolini on April 1, 2013

foodHere at Energy Refuge are over the moon for having been shortlisted for the UNEP’s 2013 World Environment Day blogging competition. This year’s theme is food waste, and this is our entry on the theme.

Now we need your vote! The second round of the competition involved writing a new blog post, so here’s our entry. The Vote button at the bottom of the article and voting is open until April 14th. The winner will be flown over to Mongolia, this year’s WED’s host country, to blog about the event.

The topic we’ve chosen to write about was: How can this generation as a whole make the shift from conspicuous to conscious consumption? We focused on how technology such as alternative energy can help, but we also highlighted the need to fundamentally change the way we deal with the planet and approach life in order to build a new, sustainable civilization model.

Thanks for supporting us!

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