Who do we remember this memorial day?

by free electron on May 25, 2008

There have been many soldiers who have died and many others who have been physically and psychically injured. My thoughts always go out to them, on more days than this one.

But I want to remember some others who have died. Every coal miner buried under tons of rock. (Over 6,000 in China alone) Every coal miner with black lung. (About 1,000 in the US die from this each year) Every offshore oil man lost at sea. And I do not want to count those poisoned by radioactivity around the world.

The losses and the pain have been too great. There must be safer ways to get energy.

And now there are. Solar, wind, and the search for more efficiencies.

I hope no one else follows you all to those deaths, to those sufferings. I hope your deaths have been worth something. I hope you gave us all enough time to be smarter about our energy use and our energy sources.

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