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Where does the U.S. get their oil from? - Where does the U.S. get their oil from? We have the top U.S. oil imports by country. We have the top United States oil imports.

Vegetable Oil Diesel - Can vegetable oil diesel give a whole country independence from fossil fuels? Find the truth here.

Oil Prices - During the recent political unrest in Tunisia and Egypt, oil prices surged as concerns sparked that anti-government protests in Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, and Yemen could affect oil production in the Middle East.

Waste Vegetable Oil - Biodiesel can also be made at home using waste vegetable oil (WVO).

Vegetable Oil - Vegetable oil is a source of alternative energy and used as fuel in diesel engines and heating oil burners.

Biodiesel Oil - Biodiesel oil offers higher lubricity than its fossil fuel counterpart and recent tests have showed a reduction in wear scar from 0.61mm to 0.35mm using just a 1% blend of biodiesel with the base diesel.

Home heating oil prices - Why are home heating oil prices so high, and what can you do about them? Find out here!

What is peak oil? - Have you heard of peak oil, but you don't know what it is or means? See why peak oil has the world cringing with fear.

Strategic oil reserves are alive and well - Saudi prince says world has enough oil.

Current oil prices - Current oil prices are a hot topic. Find out the real story behind the gas and oil prices.